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>>3 Watt Black Light

3 WattBlack Light

This is one heck of a black light. 365nm LED lights are much more expensive than the traditional 395nm LED lights. This is a very strong (3 watts), compact monster that even comes in its own carrying case. It is one of the nicest we have seen. This comes with a battery, charger (see above) and even has its own carrying case (see below). This even has a battery cartridge for 3 AAA batteries if you chose to use those rather than the re-chargeable battery. Slip this into you luggage and you can use it hotel rooms to see how well they clean - or anything else you may want.

This has its own charger. Charge it in a regular electrical outlet, or you can just supply your own, 3 AA batteries and you will never find yourself with a dead battery again.

This is a quality instrument. The first time you take it out of it's case, you will realize that this is what we call a "classy" light. Three watts of power for a 365 nm light is strong. This will do almost any job you have in mind. Enjoy the instrument since you will never need another one like this (once you purchase this one).

3 Watt Blacklight
3 Watt Blacklight
3 Watt Blacklight


The Details:

(1). Item #BL365cas
(2). High power 3W rechargeable UV LED Torch with zoom dimmer
(3). Size: 1.25 x 6 inches
(4). Case: 7 inches x 4 inches
(4). Battery: 1×18650, 3.7V, rechargeable   
(5). Wavelength: 365nm
(6). Modes: Strong--Weak--Flashing
(7). With Zoom-in and zoom-out dimmer
(8). Lifetime:100,000 hours


Perfect for:

* Fluorescence Excitation
* Sensor Light
* UV-Curing
* Ink-Curing
* Use UV Light to Spotting Germs
* Checking ultraviolet inks in currency and ID's
* Check credit cards- Discover Cards have "NOVUS", MasterCard have "M C", and Visa has an eagle in UV ink.
* Activation of fluorescent inks/dyes used as anti-counterfeiting measures
* Checking hand stamps at clubs
* Examining artwork and glasswork for hidden repairs
* Small UV source will fit inside and behind objects
* Find urine stains (i.e. at the hotel before you hop in bed!)
* Scan a crime scene for foreign materials
* Locating damaged/cracked glassware
* Scorpion Illumination, Scorpion hunting or avoidance
* Fluorescing diamonds- some will glow in the dark.
* Fluorescing dyes used to check leaks



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