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>>14 LED 365 nm Black Light

14 LED, 365 Blacklightt

UV Fluorescence - a very impressive light that pushes the limit of 'normal' black lights. This shines at a wavelength of 365nm. It extends the usage age of Blacklights' to the very low limits of "ultraviolet". This is very well constructed and is our best selling of the 365nm lights. This is an impressively built light which will provide you many years of service. It is particularly good at hotel room inspections, semen inspection, mineral hunting (diamonds etc), surface defects with dyes, magnetic surface analysis, counterfeit money, drivers licenses - and the list goes on! In my opinion, this is the best light for detecting cat urine.

Most individuals use the regular 395 nm as a black light. If you are guessing which one to use, do not use this one. This has a special wavelength that the causal user will probably not want. This is a particularly nice light since it takes 3, regular AAA batteries.

14 LED, 365 Blacklight
14 LED, 365 Blacklight


Model: BL365a
Emitter Brand/Type: MC-E
Light Color: UV at 365 nm
Total Emitters: 14 LED
Battery Configurations: 3, AAA Batteries
Voltage Input: 2.6~4.2V, 4.2V Max.
Switch Type: Click at end of light
Switch Location: Side Click
Circuitry: Digital Regulated 2000mA Current Output
Size 13.3cm x 3.1cm x 3.1cm
Weight 89 grams
Reflector: Aluminium Textured/OP Reflector
Carrying Strap: Strap Included



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