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    395 nm LED Black Lights

    >>Black Light Pen

    3Black LIght PenFor that time when you do need a small black light to check something out. Here is a good quality pen that also has an LED light at the end which happens to be a black light. It does anything any other 395 nm black light does, except it is not as strong as a regular flashlight. This is an LED light, so it does really provide a wallop for its size.

    In its own white box, this is an economical way to be able to pull out a black light any time you want. We have been told that you can ID fake money (US and Euros) with this - although we are not sure how to do that.

    We have priced this so that you can order more than 1 pen - always have an extra black light.

    Black Light Pen
    Black Light Pen




    if you would like 2 of the lights:


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