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500 Lumen White Light

his is just a great light. This is a quality product and shines anywhere - and wow, it is bright. 500 lumens will knock the socks off your feet. That is so bright that you cannot look at it directly. If you want to disable someone, just shine it in their eyes. This uses a CREE Q5 LED light. It is made of a high quality black aluminum alloy which is scratch resistant.

This has an anti-rolling device on it, just a nice feature. In addition, it has a steel main body. This can use 3 AAA batteries or an 18650 battery. Yes, this comes with a 18650 battery and the charger for it. Everything is rolled up into a nice presentation box. This light is a product you will have for a long time. It is 5.25 inches in length (13.5 cm) and the body is about an inch in diameter (the head is slightly larger). The "light bulb" is rated at 100,000 hours - which is a lifetime for many users. This is just a quality product that will service you for years and years.

500 Lumen White Light
500 Lumen White Lightt
500 Lumen White Light


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