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395 nm LED Black Lights

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395 nm Black Light

Probably just the finest utilitarian black light on the market. This is a LED light that utilizes 14 individual LED lights for a bright and bold shine. This is so bright that it can even been seen in the daylight. This 5 inch metal light will last and last. It is a truly fine instrument that will serve you for many years.

If you have ever wanted to go scorpion hunting - this is one of the best. They will light up like a Christmas ornament. Remember, we do not sell batteries, nor does this come with batteries.

If you are purchasing this for cat urine detection, a shorter wavelength will give much better results. The 375 - 360 nm will be much better -- shorter wavelengths tend to cause things such as biological fluids to fluoresce. 395nm is actually still largely within the visible range, so will throw a lot of visible violet light, which will make the fluorescence of a cat, harder to see, and in general won’t be as effective. Our recommendations are number 1 and number 2 and number 3.


395 nm Blacklight
395 nm Blacklight
14 LED Black Light


Aluminium 14 UV LED Flashlight
Material: Color Dark Aluminium
Light Time: > 15 Hours
Bulb Type: 14 x 5mm UV LED bulb
Battery Type: 3x 1.5V AAA Battery (included battery carriage)
Product Size: About 5" (length) x 1" (diameter)
Net Weight: 3.52 oz.
Water-resistant high-strength case
They use three replaceable "AAA" size long-life batteries - we do not supply batteries
Wavelength: About 390 nm
Comes in a wonderful tin box (3 x 6 inches) for great storage



if you would like 2 of the lights:



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