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Invisible Pen & Ink This invisible ink pen is used to detect, identify, and return stolen property in the event of a burglary. Each invisible ink marking pen contains invisible permanent ink. It's safe and reliable and easy to use. It has a hard tip point which is superior to the felt tip which tends to fray and get out of shape. This products marks on all surfaces including glass, paper, wood, plastic and cloth and is invisible to the naked eye. The pen is great for game playing in the dark with the aid of a blacklight. The ink is visible under ultraviolet light for easy identification by police, detectives, and pawn shops. Marked items are hard to fence and evidence of guilt is apparent when thieves are caught. Use your driver's license number along with your state abbreviation to mark on your property. This is an easily recognizable number to law enforcement agencies and is the most consistent mark of identification for personal property. Complete the process by keeping a log of what you have marked so you have a record of inventory. Imagine the many uses for the invisible Ink Pen. Anything from secret diaries to coded component parts. Host a "Who Dunnit" party with secret clues that can only be viewed under UV light.

lack Light Pen
Black Light Pen


We are out of these pens and do NOT expect to get any more.


if you would like 3 of the lights:


We also have one sizes of invisible ink bottles. This can be used with stamp pads or just about anything you can imagine.
Use on paper, fabric, wood, metal or walls. Visible only under black light. Apply using a brush, sponge or stamp.
Ink can be poured onto a stamp pad. .

2 ounce bottle
2 Ounce Bottle



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