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>>365 nm NDT Black Light

365 nm NDT Black Light

By far, the finest true 365nm NDT black light on the market. Not for the faint of heart, with this type of workmanship and quality, you certainly do get what you paid for. There are many folks who want/need a true 365nm without the white light interferrance - and if that is what you need, look no further, you are here. This is quality at it's best.

Super UV LED LAMP SU103 adapts the most advanced LED cold light source technology, this uses a Nichia 5 Watt 365nm of NCSU033B(T)  and  Optical lenses. The LED life is 30,000 hours.

UV-A Intensity  is 9000UW/cm2  in 38cm Distance. Ergonomic design reduces the operator stress, 3x SPOT 365 nm uv led with reflection  mirror universal module design for ac operation simple operation


UV Intensity:13000UW/cm2 at 15inch(380mm) ;
Low visible light emission :less than 2 foot-candles (22 lux)
Number of UV LEDs: 3 x 5W 365NM UV LED with lens, average LED life is 30,000 hours
Power supply: 90-265V  AC — works in USA and Europe Irradiated Area in 38cm Distance:100*200mm
Stability of UV Intensity: > 90%
Product Size: 114 x 86 x 106mm; WEIGHT :680g without  accessories

365 nm NDT Blacklight
365 nm NDT Blacklight
365 nm NDT Blacklight


SUPER UV LED LAMP SU103,  carry case;

Penetration testing, fluorescence detection

Biopolymers, fluorescence observation

Refrigerant leak detection

Engine oil leak detection

Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed

Fluorescence observation of ore

Detection of oil cleaning

Main purposes:

Fluorescence detection: iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, aircraft, fluorescent penetrant inspection, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection

Pollution check: electronic components, boards, dust inspection, LCD panel, checked into the clean room

Leak Check: hydraulic machines, sump, pipe and other oil spill inspection, leak detection using fluorescent agents

Degreasing cleaning validation: the food industry, kitchen, cooking utensils, tableware degreasing cleaning

365 nm NDT Blacklight
365 nm NDT Blacklight


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